Songhees Innovation Centre is a co-working space for Indigenous entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, innovators, and problem-solvers based at the Songhees Wellness Centre. The Innovation Centre is welcome to Indigenous innovators from any Nation and from any line of work including private enterprise, non-profit and even government. The purpose of the Innovation Centre is to foster collaboration between Indigenous innovators to develop, refine and launch solutions to issues facing our businesses and our Communities today.

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Songhees Innovation Centre is currently seeking new members, if you or your organization wants to join the Innovation Centre or learn more about what we offer, please reach out to us. We’re always looking to adjust our service offerings to the needs of the Community; if you need services not offered through the Centre yet, reach out to us and let us know what you’re looking for. Current Members are grateful to work as visitors on the traditional territory of the Lekwungen (Songhees) People of the Coast Salish Nation.

Membership and Services

The Songhees Innovation Centre is open to all Indigenous-led organizations including nonprofits, small businesses, and solo entrepreneur or artist enterprises. We welcome all self-identified Indigenous innovators and their teams into the space.  

Conditions of coworking at the Songhees Innovation Centre include being respectful of Songhees Nation, our hosts, and being respectful of your fellow SIC members. Membership agreements are subject to a Code of Conduct.

Service List and Prices


About the Centre

What is Co-Working?

Coworking is an office-style environment for small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and nonprofits who, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t have the resources to have a full office or a community of coworkers to see each working day. Coworking is flexible workspace that is suited to your organization’s needs. Whether you need a permanent desk to leave pictures of your family, a place to spend just a few hours a month brainstorming, a place to host clients, workshops, and board meetings, or even just a working address for your business, the Songhees Innovation Centre memberships can meet your needs.


Coworking at the Songhees Innovation Centre will give you access to office resources and access to a community that you otherwise might not have. You can share internet and phone services with the community here, as well as network and meet with other Indigenous innovators from around Turtle Island. The Songhees Innovation Centre is all about collaboration, coworking, and community - find out how you can join our growing community today!



About the Team

The Songhees Innovation Centre is steered by a partnership between Songhees Nation, Animikii Inc. and South Island Prosperity Project. These three organizational partners have been working to develop a space that meets the needs of the Indigenous business community on Lekwungen Territory. However, we are a membership-driven organization, meaning all of our members get a say in the ongoings of the Centre.

In the Press

In the Press

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Current Co-Workers

AnimikiiBrandigenous   MooseHide Campaigntspetter   Indigenomics Institute




Lunch & Learns

How to Run a Successful Campaign on Social Media

Government Resources

Starting a Business in BC

14 Steps to Starting a Business

Funding and Financing

Community Micro-Lending - $5,000-10,000

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Monday       8:30a.m.–4:30p.m.
Tuesday       8:30a.m.–4:30p.m.
Wednesday  8:30a.m.–4:30p.m.
Thursday      8:30a.m.–4:30p.m.
Friday          8:30a.m.–4:30p.m.

(Closed weekends and holidays.)

Questions? Comments? Just want to get in touch? Feel free to reach out to us at info@songheesinnovationcentre.ca , 1-877-589-2899 or visit us with any questions about the Songhees Innovation Centre.